In a recent blog post, we took a brief look at how the ASICS METARIDE developed into a finished product and highlighted some of the shoe’s key characteristics that sets it apart from other products in the running footwear industry. Now we answer the question: how does the shoe actually feel? After running in it, I can say that the METARIDE is without a doubt ASICS’ most forward thinking, technologically advanced, and innovative shoe to date.

From the moment you take the shoe out of the box and hold it in your hands, the METARIDE sets itself apart from both neutral and stability trainers, even from the ASICS brand itself. For starters, the shoe has 0mm heel-to-toe offset along with a curved sole called the GuideSole. The cushioning system is literally meant to guide your foot throughout the run to eliminate any wasted energy while in motion.

Additionally, it maintains some of the same qualities that ASICS has perfected over the years, including a secure exo-skeleton heel plate that is fully wrapped around the ankle, and their GEL-based cushioning throughout the back of the sole to absorb the impact for all those heel strikers out there.

Once you slide the shoes on, you soon realize that ASICS has made significant strides in designing a shoe around propelling the foot forwards. With a curved and firmer and more responsive forefoot, the shoe shares similar ideas and concepts that can be found in shoes like the HOKA Clifton or the Nike Zoom Fly. However, the METARIDE undeniably has its own unique feel. The upper maintains a sturdy and secure feel horizontally; your foot remains firmly locked onto the platform every step of the run. Vertically, however, the shoe allows some flexibility and movement while providing a layer of softness throughout the ceiling of the shoe, especially in the tongue and toe box. This creates a healthy balance of comfort and security that is unmatched with its competitors.

As you walk slowly in the shoes, you can immediately feel the “tipping point” of the midsole. Although this tipping point might feel initially unfamiliar to the foot, as soon as you start running, this it transforms into a fluid ride that encourages a quicker cadence and an effortless transition to lift off. Whether you’re a heel, midfoot, or forefoot striker, the shoe expertly guides the foot to a more efficient gait cycle.

As the miles fly by, the METARIDE feels one with your foot. Somehow, ASICS has found the perfect balance between a durable and stable fit that is also capable of running fast. With only one week of training in the shoe, the METARIDE suggests a promising future. ASICS GEL cushioning is historically durable, and the supportive feel of the dual-layers of FlyteFoam will not allow the shoe to break down quickly. The METARIDE is extremely versatile and will be a reliable choice for a run at any pace or distance.