C.R. Staff: Logan Wells

CRC Staff

Why CRC? You know how they say college is the best four years of your life? Well that’s because “they” never worked at Columbus Running Company. My time at CRC has, hands down, been my favorite part of living in Columbus for a year. The tight-knit, family atmosphere that can be built with both the staff and the group runners has made this an ideal job straight out of college that, honestly, doesn’t feel much like a job. Pretty much anything that comes after this will be a major let down.

Where’s your favorite place to run in Ohio? My favorite place to run in Ohio is a three way tie between Sharon Woods Metro Park, Battelle Darby, and anywhere Jack Schlabig is running. Sharon Woods has some sentimental value to me as I’ve logged a lot of miles on its big loop, Battelle Darby is the most scenic and secluded place I’ve found to run in C-Bus, and Jack Schlabig, while being arguably the most indispensable member of CRC Elite, is also my fiercest competitive rival with whom I am locked in a perpetual dance of mutual respect and ardent antagonism.

What’s your favorite shoe to run in and why? I’m a big fan of the New Balance 880 and 1080. The wider base and comfy toe box is nice, but their cushion is still responsive enough for me to feel the road under foot. On a more spiritual level, I relate well with the New Balance brand in that neither of us need a lot of flash or gimmicks to get the job done and get the job done well.

Fun fact(s): I have a titanium jaw, I’m wanted, dead or alive, in every state west of the Mississippi River, and I once had 9 cats.

Favorite post-run treat? Lambs blood. Failing that, I usually go with some kind of nuts or fruit.

Logan Wells as told by Kristi Aiken: When he’s not out running, Logan is lost in the pages of a good book or pining for the next creative story to write.

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