Meet Lisa, Your Coach for Walk & Run 101

Training Walk & Run 101

The staff at Columbus Running Company has helped people find the right shoes for their active lifestyles since 2004. While getting the best footwear is an important step, establishing a walking/running routine can sometimes seem daunting, especially for beginners.

That’s where Walk & Run 101 becomes the next best step toward a healthy lifestyle. The program takes the guesswork out of getting into a manageable routine while providing coaching and motivation along the way.

Lisa Dillahunt, CRC’s outreach coordinator, has coached runners and walkers for the past 8 years and led Walk & Run 101 for the past year. Lisa regularly competes in races now, but that wasn't always the case.

“I didn’t start running until I was in my 40s,” Lisa explains. “I started with a walk/run approach and gradually worked up to being able to run one mile straight. It was a process and took some time.” Consistent training paid off, though: she has now run eight marathons.

Even though running became an integral part of her life, Lisa is the first to admit that getting started was a little overwhelming.

“I was so nervous when I went to buy my first pair of running shoes. Walking through the door of a store where you perceive everyone will be super-fit can be daunting. At CRC and Walk & Run 101, we work to break down those barriers and welcome everyone of all abilities, shapes, sizes, and ages.”

She further explains that the program takes things slow. “I provide weekly emails that give instruction and encouragement. At the kick-off meeting, we go over how to begin a running/walking program and this starts with how to follow a training plan.”

Walk & Run 101 is a complete plan that discusses cross-training, hydration, nutrition, and form. As for the time commitment, the program includes three workouts per week. Two of those workouts are done on your own and the third can be completed with the group at any CRC location on Saturday mornings.

Because she can relate to the process, Lisa loves encouraging beginners and helping them work through the occasional rough patch.

“I love helping people work toward a goal and complete something that they thought was next to impossible. I tell everyone that you CAN do anything that you train for.” Whether it’s your first 5K or the first one you’ve done in a while, Lisa is committed to getting everybody to the starting line and being with her athletes when they cross the finish line. And don’t worry about being last in the race, either; Lisa points out that “you will always beat the person who never started.”

Starting might be the hardest part, but that’s where the support of the Walk & Run 101 program is so beneficial.

“Let us help you get started,” Lisa says. “And more importantly, finish the race.”

To learn more about Walk & Run 101 and to register for the upcoming season, just check right here on the CRC site. Our first kick-off event is Tuesday, September 6 at our Short North location.

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