Run Far and Free in the New Saucony Liberty ISO

Early in 2017, Saucony debuted a new concept of shoe with a full-length midsole made out of their new material, EVERUN. They called this shoe the Freedom and it fills a category that most brands miss out on. The Freedom catered to those runners looking for a secure and comfortable ride while still getting a nice bounce off the ground. The only "problem" (and I put problem in quotes because it isn't really a problem) was that the Freedom was a neutral shoe, which meant those who need a touch of support under their foot didn't find the shoe as comfortable or as runnable. 
Enter the new Saucony Liberty. The Liberty shares the patriotic theme with the Freedom and adds a few supportive components to the great base of the Freedom. The key differences:
Medial posting - One of the key things in the Liberty that makes it accessible to more of the running population is the addition of a supportive piece under the arch. This more firm and solid plastic prevents overpronation as your run or walk. 
Upper - Saucony continues with the ISOFIT upper to enhance customized fit on your foot. The area towards the back of the shoe has a bit more structure as well to help guide your foot upon landing.
Forefoot - The Liberty features a touch more cushioning underneath the front of your foot to help with comfort as your wear the shoe for longer periods of time.
If you're a runner that needs a bit more support in your step but you want a lightweight and bouncy ride, look no further than the brand-new Saucony Liberty. You can experience the Liberty ISO for yourself at upcoming demo runs on Thursday November 30 and Saturday December 2.
Heel to toe drop: 4mm
Weight: 8.7 oz (Women), 9.7 oz (Men)

* * *
Evan Schwartz spends his time running the roads of central Ohio and managing the Short North CRC. When he isn't brainstorming the "next great thing," he is geeking out over all things running shoes.