Train. Win Prizes. Inspire Us All.

Stay Inspired All Winter Long with Mizuno and the Columbus Running Company

Are you ready to take on the season like an abominable snowman on an endless runner's high?  Don't let a little thing called winter slow you down.  Join CRC and Mizuno as we keep the inspiration coming throughout January, keeping you on track for those 2020 running and walking goals. 

Inspire Columbus is our January training challenge, a program meant to inject some wintry fun into your miles during one of the toughest training months. 

So how can I run like an Alaskan Husky pulling the winning sled at the Iditarod?

That's a question we've obviously all asked ourselves a hundred times a day.  It's simple.  Sign up here.  Once registered, challenge yourself to run or walk outdoors every day in January.  If that sounds tough, we're going to be offering incentives to keep you going (full details on bottom of page).  Streak for a week or more and you could win prizes from CRC and Mizuno.

How do I make Jack Frost my new training partner?

Commit yourself to a goal.  Run or walk outside all January, and you can learn to rule the winter.  Layer up, grab yourself a hot chocolate, and start planning the next day's outdoor adventure. 

Can we talk about those prizes some more?

We'll be awarding Mizuno + CRC raffle prizes each week in January, and you can win by simply logging those outdoor miles.  To be eligible for a weekly prize, you have to log at least one outdoor mile each day the previous week.  Miss a day?  No worries, get back into that daily routine for the new week!  (Full details in our FAQ at the bottom of the page.) 

Inspire Columbus Program Details:

It's not a race.  It's not a coached training program.  Inspire Columbus is a challenge.  When you register, you're signing up to take that challenge.  To show that you can rage like a human blizzard.  To prove that you're capable of anything that you put your mind to.  

Still have questions?  Here are the fine details: 

  1. RegisterWhen you sign yourself up, you'll be entering the Inspire Columbus Winter Challenge.  This will allow you to log your miles online through Strava.  Each time you streak through a full week, logging miles each day, we'll put your name into a raffle for prizes from Mizuno and the Columbus Running Company.  Miss a day?  You drop out of that week's raffle, but you can get yourself back into the mix the next week!
  2. Raffle.  To be eligible for the raffle prizes, you have to log your miles on Strava.  We'll be drawing raffle winners each Monday (January 6, 13, 20, 27) and on Monday, February 3.  Winners will be contacted via email. 
  3. Outdoors?  Yes.  Runs or walks have to be done outdoors to qualify for prize drawings.  Why?  Because it isn't a winter run if an icicle isn't growing off your eyelashes.  (Now, of course, you can run or walk indoors all you want.  Those miles just won't count for the prize raffle.)
  4. Where.  Log miles with us at group runs & walks, go on your own, or put miles in with your buddies.  It doesn't matter when or where you log these miles, they all count if they're done outdoors.  CRC hosts weekly group runs and walks, so check those out here for a training boost.  
  5. Logging.  No, we're not chopping down trees like a burly logger (though that is good winter cross training).  Yes, we are logging miles online.  Join the CRC Strava group, chart your miles on Strava, and we'll draw our weekly prize pack winners from the Strava group.  You must have all mileage updated by 8am on Monday morning when we do our drawings in order to be eligible.  If you don't chart mileage on Strava, you are not eligible for the prizes.  Once you register, you'll receive a confirmation email with direct links to our Strava page so that you can set up all details quickly. 
  6. Best secret ingredient for post-run hot chocolate?  Drop an Andes Candy chocolate mint into a piping hot mug of hot chocolate.  You're welcome. 
  7. Gear for the New Year.  As you register for the Inspire Columbus challenge, you can opt to receive a Mizuno long sleeve tech shirt.  Like a road race, there are no exchanges, size swaps, or returns on shirts.  We will close registration and our gear ordering on January 2.  We will then give out shirts at your local CRC location beginning at a group run on either Saturday, January 11 or 18.  Once you're registered, watch your email for details.

Still reading?  Forget the fine details.  Just register here, run or walk outside, and log your miles.  This is going to be your best January yet.