Find Your New Favorite Fit

Whether you're looking for shoes for walking, running, hitting the gym, or a long day on your feet, we're here to help.

Our team is on hand to offer a quick, free visual gait analysis and to then guide you through all of the best options for your needs.

No appointment is necessary. Stop by any CRC location and we're ready to help you find that new favorite pair of shoes.

What To Expect During Your Visit:

Visual Gait Analysis

After greeting you, we'll head to the shoe wall together. There, we'll watch you in your bare feet or socks to analyze how your feet bear weight in motion.

Full Assessment

Tell us about what you'd like to use your shoes for and any injuries you may be dealing with. We'll gather as much info as we can and then measure your feet before diving into your options.

Personalize Your Fit

Our goal is to make your next step better. The right pair of technical socks or a supportive insole can make a major difference, and we'll go through the options to customize your fit.

Test 'Em Out

We'll narrow down the big shoe wall to the options that make the most sense for you. From there, test them out in the store, on our treadmills, or even on the sidewalk out front.

Thanks For Shopping Local

Enjoy your new shoes, and thanks for supporting a locally owned, indie specialty shop.

And remember, with CRC Loyalty Rewards, you earn a $20 credit for every $200 spent over time!