Summer Training For 7th & 8th Grade XC Runners

The Grasshoppers Next Level program is a summer program designed to prep 7th and 8th grade XC athletes during their offseason. This program is open to all experience levels. We'll log the summer miles to prepare our runners for strong middle school XC seasons. The Next Level program includes two summer race entries and is a compliment to the training that the kids will be doing on their school XC teams in the fall. 



The Grasshoppers Next Level Summer Program, for Runners Going Into 7th and 8th Grades


June 10 - July 27, 2024


We practice on Mondays and Wednesdays from 5:30-6:30pm at Westerville North H.S. with two Saturday races. Specific details are in our club handbook here.


Incoming 7th and 8th graders


All levels, from beginner to experienced


Westerville North High School 


$175 (goes up to $185 one week prior to the season starting / need-based scholarships are available - click here for info)


Club members receive a summer of coaching, entry into all Grasshopper races, a CRC discount, a racing singlet, a Grasshoppers shirt and bag, mileage tracking options, membership in the RRCA, and a season of fun with a season-completion medal. We'll also be sending out weekly coaching emails to compliment everything that takes place at our practices and races.


Our handbook contains all info for the season, including our schedule, rules, and more. Click on your location to access your handbook: Westerville

Please note: We'll update you about any changes for the season via email so be sure to include a valid email when you register your child.


Before getting into the frequently asked questions, please be sure to read through our annual club handbook. This handbook lays out most details and includes our schedule, location info, and more.  

  • Q: What is the club expectation for kids who take part? 
  • A: More than anything, we want kids who want to run. This isn't a sport that can be forced. Our summer season is ideal for any kids personally motivated and ready to work hard. Anyone can take part in the summer program as long as they're excited to put an effort in and join us on the run.

  • Q: What does a summer practice look like? 
  • A: Practice is often broken down into a warmup, a run, and a cool down, with a lesson on something like running form or pacing thrown in along the way. Each practice is 1 hour long. 

  • Q: What races will you be running? 
  • A: The summer club will be racing in two ways. First, coaches will host occasional time trials at practices. Second, for those looking for a big race day experience, we'll host two larger races in July. All larger races are listed on the club schedule in the handbook. We will use our weekly coaching emails to keep parents up to date on all specifics.

  • Q: My child takes part in other sports and/or has conflicting commitments. How flexible is the club with this?
  • A: Kids at this age should experiment with a variety of sports and activities. We're flexible with busy schedules, and we'll provide coaching plans for kids who have to miss practices with the Grasshoppers. 

  • Q: We have a summer vacation planned. Can my child still take part if they miss some practices?
  • A: Enjoy your vacation! And yes, your child can take part in the club before and after the vacation. Our summer season is focused on the individual - and since there's no team component, we're flexible with vacations and missed days.  

  • Q: How does the Grasshoppers Next Level program differ from the standard Grasshopper program?
  • A: Our standard Grasshopper program is for kids going into grades 3-6. Grasshoppers Next Level is for young runners going into grades 7-8. This program is designed to prepare these middle school athletes for their fall seasons on their school's XC teams. We view our offseason training as a compliment to the training that each school will then guide the kids through in the fall.