Welcome to the Columbus Running Company staff. We're excited for you to begin training soon. Our goal at the CRC is to make everyone's next mile better - and that includes yours, so let's knock out the key steps to getting started.  

To begin work at the CRC, please go through each of these items: 


Download your new hire paperwork by clicking here. Print out all of your paperwork, fill it out, and then turn in the completed copies to Matt DeLeon with CRC HR. 


Fill out our new hire information form by clicking here. You'll be letting us know details like your shoe and shirt size so that we can get you the right gear as our brand partners offer up occasional goodies for staff. 


Expect an email from WhenIWork (our scheduling platform) asking you to register. Upon receipt, check your info and update your availability. The sooner the better, because we can't start scheduling you until you do!


Download CRC's employee manual here. Read through it and then sign the employee handbook via the link below to signify that you have read CRC's policies, you understand the terms within, and you will abide by the policies.