Orthopedic ONE Training Tip #14

The Road to Recovery

After many long months of training, you’re almost there…RACE DAY! You’ve been pushing your body to the limit and the anticipation is building at increasingly palpable levels. But once the finish line has been crossed and the adrenaline wears off, you may find yourself asking, “What now?”  The experienced runner knows that race recovery is a real thing and the smart runner will take the necessary steps to successfully recuperate from this race so their body is ready to tackle the next challenge ahead! Your Orthopedic ONE Sports Medicine Team has been here for you throughout your training and we won’t leave you hanging now. Follow these steps to successfully bounce back from your next race: 

After the Race

Rehydrate ASAP after you cross the finish line.

Refuel shortly after the race with what has worked well for you during your training (sports drink, protein shake or chocolate milk). Continue to eat well in the days following your event.

Gently stretch out the major leg muscle groups

Try lying on the floor and elevating your legs up the wall to address post-race swelling

Treat yourself to a post-race massage or use whatever self-massage techniques work for you (foam roller, massage tools)

Consider taking an ice bath

Try compression socks or sleeves after your race, this may help to lessen muscle soreness and post-race swelling

Get some shut eye, your body repairs itself while you sleep

Keep moving! Try walking, swimming, or cycling to assist with circulation and muscle soreness.

As you Resume Training

Give yourself a 1-2 week (depending on your event) rest from running. Try a short run when your legs feel back to normal, but do not continue your training right where you left off. If you experience pain, you may need to extend your recovery a bit longer.

Remember, recovery does not happen overnight. Give yourself time to enjoy your accomplishment without the pressures of training!