Orthopedic ONE Training Tip #3

Dynamic Warm-Up and Static Stretch Cool Down

While many runners may think of the actual run as the most important part of their training, how you begin and end your workout can have a tremendous impact not only on your performance, but also on the likelihood that you will sustain an injury during your training.   

The dynamic warm-up uses active movement to prepare the body for the demands of exercise, increase blood circulation to your glutes, quads, hamstrings, and core, stimulate the nervous system, improve balance and coordination and increase muscular flexibility and joint mobility: all with the goal of maximizing athletic performance. 

A dynamic warm-up differs from a static stretching routine in that you move through a range of motion for 10-20 repetitions versus holding a stretch at end range. Static stretches do have their place, at the end of a workout as a cool down, as recent evidence has shown that static stretching prior to athletic activities can actually increase your risk of injury. 

Orthopedic ONE Therapy Services has put together a video tutorial and accompanying guide to help familiarize you with a standard dynamic warm-up and static stretching cool down routine:

Dynamic Warmups for Runners