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  • Why You'll Love It: The Cascadia 17 features sticky traction, soft cushioning on all terrain, and a protective plate that makes it ideal on even the roughest of trails
  • Category: Trail
  • Weight: 11.0oz
  • Drop: 8mm

Find out why the Cascadia has been loved by trail runners for years. The new women's Cascadia 17 continues the tradition of the premier trail-running shoe from Brooks, providing stability, soft cushioning, and protection from the elements. The latest updates include enhanced all-terrain stability, improved traction, and lightweight cushioning — all designed to keep you comfortable mile after trail mile.


  • Extra stability: An all new Trail Adapt System helps give runners better stability by combining three elements:
    • First, there's soft, lightweight DNA LOFT v2 cushioning that responds to both you and the trail surface.
    • Next, there's a protective plate inside that also helps the shoe adapt to varied terrain.
    • Finally, strategically placed outsole pods respond to uneven ground.
  • Sticky traction: A new TrailTack® Green Rubber outsole is made of 25% recycled content and provides the traction you need to traverse slippery ground, rocky crags, or anything else on the trail.
  • Soft cushioning: DNA LOFT v2 provides soft cushioning for long-lasting comfort, even on tough terrain.
    • Super soft, but never too squishy.
    • Brooks cushioning technologies all start with DNA because they react to your unique stride.


  • In general, remember to leave around a thumb's width of space at the end of your walking or running shoes.
  • Widths for women:  2A = narrow;  B = standard;  D = wide
  • Widths for men:  B = narrow;  D = standard;  2E = wide;  4E = double wide