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  • Why You'll Love It: The Cloudsurfer is the plush neutral On trainer that really gets us excited with its Helion superfoam and cushy ride
  • Category: Neutral
  • Weight: 7.2oz
  • Drop: 10mm

The training shoe with computer-optimized technology for next-level cushioning. The midsole of this lightweight trainer features Helion superfoam with new CloudTec Phase technology. CloudTec Phase collapses in a domino sequence to deliver cushioning and a gentle heel to toe transition. In addition to that, On removed their typical Speedboard, cutting down on weight. There’s a great green story too - there are no plastic overlays, the shoe is made from 30% recycled materials, and it’s dyed with a water saving method.


  • CLOUDTEC PHASE: For an adapted and specialized version of On's signature CloudTec® technology, On has left nothing up to chance. Using FEA-technology, they've created the optimal midsole for a seamless weight transfer from heel to toe. It's called CloudTec Phase™ and it introduces a new age of cushioning.
  • WHY PHASE?: In CloudTec Phase™, the computer-generated Clouds seamlessly collapse like dominos when your foot lands. The result? Supreme, enhanced cushioning, and a softer, smoother transfer from heel to toe.
  • GO GREEN: To save on water, the Cloudsurfer's yarn is colored using a dope dyeing process that requires 90% less water than standard techniques. ON has also ditched the plastic overlays and bumped up the shoe's total recycled content to 30%


  • In general, remember to leave around a thumb's width of space at the end of your walking or running shoes.
  • Widths for women:  2A = narrow;  B = standard;  D = wide
  • Widths for men:  B = narrow;  D = standard;  2E = wide;  4E = double wide