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  • Why You'll Love It: The Brooks Glycerin 21 features an innovative nitrogen infused midsole that offers a light, cushy ride
  • Category: Neutral
  • Weight: 9.4oz
  • Drop: 10mm

If you're looking for supreme softness and ultimate comfort, the men's neutral Glycerin 21 running shoe provides an ultra plush ride thanks to even more soft DNA LOFT v3 cushioning than before, plus a new, more streamlined upper that delivers structure and breathability.


  • Supreme softness: Compared to the Glycerin 20, the Glycerin 21 features 2mm more of Brooks super soft, nitrogen-infused DNA LOFT v3 cushioning to maximize softness. 
    • Innovative nitrogen infusion process lets Brooks fine-tune the softness with careful precision so shoes never sacrifice weight, durability, or responsiveness.
    • Brooks cushioning technologies all start with DNA because they react to your unique stride.
  • Improved fit: New, engineered warm knit upper is breathable and allows for a flexible, accommodating fit while staying soft against your foot.
  • Smooth, stable transitions: The broad platform stabilizes your foot and promotes smooth heel-to-toe transitions. 


  • In general, remember to leave around a thumb's width of space at the end of your walking or running shoes.
  • Widths for women:  2A = narrow;  B = standard;  D = wide
  • Widths for men:  B = narrow;  D = standard;  2E = wide;  4E = double wide