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  • Why You'll Love It: The Wave Sky 8 is the premium cushioned neutral trainer in Mizuno's lineup, featuring the new Enerzy NXT midsole for a softer footstrike with added bounce
  • Category: Neutral
  • Weight: 8.1oz
  • Drop: 8mm

Reaching beyond is no obstacle when you're floating in the Wave Sky 8. Comfort is key thanks to the innovative MIZUNO ENERZY NXT providing an even softer and more responsive experience than before. The new upper provides a comfortable secure fit and is even lighter than its predecessor for the ultimate floating feeling.


  • MIZUNO ENERZY NXT: The next generation of MIZUNO ENERZY midsole material. Designed to maximize energy return and cushioning for optimum performance.
  • Foam Wave: A Wave of comfort made of 2 layers of foam.  Top layer is U4icX and bottom layer Mizuno Enerzy
  • Smooth Stretch Woven: Designed to control stretching direction for running motion and performance. Smooth Stretch Woven adapts to your foot and keeps your foot position correct.
  • Gusseted Tongue: Stretchy tongue lining that hugs the foot securely and comfortably without any stress.
  • X10 Outsole: Durable carbon rubber that allows for longer wear.
  • Eco Friendly Materials: Recycled materials
  • MIZUNO ENERZY (FOAM): Offering versatility in its application, while still maintaining softness and resilience.  It will help enhance performance capabilities.


  • In general, remember to leave around a thumb's width of space at the end of your walking or running shoes.
  • Widths for women:  2A = narrow;  B = standard;  D = wide
  • Widths for men:  B = narrow;  D = standard;  2E = wide;  4E = double wide