Stay On The Healthy Path With Orthopedic ONE

Orthopedic ONE is excited to serve as the official sports medicine provider of the CRC Training Program.

Throughout our season, as you receive our weekly coaching emails, we'll be sharing training & injury prevention tips from the O1 team.

Sports Medicine Hotline

Sports Injury Hotline: 614.827.8210

The Hotline is a FREE resource to coaches, families and athletes with any of Orthopedic ONE's affiliated programs like the CRC Training Program.

Have a sports medicine related question or need? Connect with an Orthopedic ONE certified athletic trainer through the Hotline to assist with the following:

  • Address injuries that do not require emergency medical attention
  • Connect directly with an Orthopedic ONE certified athletic trainer
  • Get answers regarding general sports medicine care

Please note: If an appointment with a physician is needed, the Athletic Trainer can schedule you directly. Traditional physician appointment costs will apply.

Training Tips & Injury Prevention Advice from Orthopedic ONE

To help you navigate your training season with healthy advice, here are some helpful tips from the experts at Orthopedic ONE. You can read through all here, but we'll also share these one at a time through our coaching emails throughout the season.

O1 TIP #1 - Overuse Injury Prevention Guidelines for Runners/Walkers

O1 TIP #2 - Using the AlterG Weightless Treadmill in Training 

O1 TIP #3 - Dynamic Warm-up & Static Stretch Cool Down (includes instructive video guide) 

O1 TIP #4 - Running Causes Knee Osteoarthritis: Fact or Fiction?

O1 TIP #5 - Glute Exercises for Injury Prevention, Part I (includes video)

O1 TIP #6 - Do I Need Orthotics? 

O1 TIP #7 - Core Strength Through Planks (includes video)

O1 TIP #8 - Contacting Orthopedic ONE About an Injury

O1 TIP #9 - Returning to Running After a Bump in the Road 

O1 TIP #10 - That Nagging Shin Pain 

O1 TIP #11 - Hydration

O1 TIP #12 - Glute Exercises for Injury Prevention, Part II (includes video)

O1 TIP #13 - Beat the Heat: Tips and Tools to Prevent Heat Illness

O1 Tip #14 - Post-Race Recovery / Resuming Training